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Designed for racers built for riders

Evolution of a unique and victorious project

More than 200 hp, greater performance, lighter weight, more effective on the track and new riding pleasure on the road, with the best possible technology provided by the advanced aprc and race abs electronic controls.

The Aprilia RSV4 represents the most important and profound advancement ever made on this extraordinary model.

“One second faster”

*Unanimously acclaimed by critics and sought after by bikers* from every corner of the globe, the RSV4 has always been the undisputed segment representative, the *reference point for sportiness and performance*, the best example of what can be achieved by exploiting the valuable experience of a victorious Racing Department like Aprilia’s which, in its brief history has taken *54 championship titles*. Skills honed on the track and transferred to the factory product to provide everyone with the same excitement that the machines prepared by Aprilia Racing do.

The primary goal followed during development of the new Aprilia RSV4 (in both available versions, RSV4 RR and RSV4 RF) is, as always, only one: to be the fastest superbike in the segment. In order to achieve it, Aprilia drew from the best Aprilia Racing technology, refining the already exceptional RSV4 in many aspects, such as *electronics, suspension and brakes*. Thanks in part to the work done on the powerplant, now compliant with the *Euro 4* regulation, without sacrificing anything in terms of power and range of use, the new RSV4 is *one second faster than the previous version on average*.

65° V4

The primary and unique characteristics of this gem of Italian technology, the ones that led to the creation of the best superbike of all times, remain unchanged. This is the*world’s first full scale production motorcycle with a high performance narrow V4 engine*, the most revolutionary and powerful engine ever built by Aprilia. An engine that has been made unmistakable because of the use of *“total” electronics*, because of its extremely compact size and light weight.


The changes implemented in this evolution of the Italian V4 not only resulted in achieving the goals of *Euro 4* approval, but also increasing overall reliability and performance, without sacrificing power and maximum torque (which remain respectively at *201 HP at 13,000 rpm* and *115 Nm at 10,500 rpm*), and not even that inimitable sound that has always been a true soundtrack of the Aprilia V4 engines.


The powerplant earns a *new exhaust system* with a silencer that has a double oxygen sensor and a built in valve. The *engine ECU* is new, with superior calculating capacity able to manage the *rise in maximum revs*, now 300 rpm higher. Therefore, the engine now boasts an increased extension capacity and it was also for this reason that the *variable timing intake ducts* were eliminated, no longer deemed necessary. This decision contributed to reducing the weight of the fuel system parts by 500 grams.


In order to increase performance and reliability, *new and lighter pistons* were introduced with brand new *segments *that reduce the blow-by effect. Furthermore, a *honing treatment* was added for the connecting rod heads, further reducing friction. The valve recall *springs* are also new in order to guarantee reliability during the heaviest operating loads, whereas the valves have benefited from optimized *timing*, capable of increasing performance and reliability. Last, but not least, the gearbox now has a *linear sensor* that guarantees impeccable gearshift operation.

Aprilia is known as one of the best chassis manufacturers in the worldand the RSV4 represents the synthesis of the technical prowess Apriliahas acquired in top level world championships. A particularity which isstill exclusive to the RSV4 RR and RF (and which has always been acharacteristic of the previous generation RSV4 models) is *the exceptional possibility of adjustments that the standard equipment chassis is able to offer*. In fact, the Aprilia is the only superbike that allows the rider to adjust the engine position in the frame, the headstock angle, the swingarm pivot and the rear end height, naturally in addition to the fully adjustable suspension. Just like a real racing bike.

The RF version of the RSV4 earns new and more sophisticated suspension systems with fine adjustments both in hydraulics and spring preload: the fork is a latest generation *Öhlins* *NIX* unit, as is the *TTX* shock absorber; the latter is operated by new progressive linkage that increases the reaction time of the shock absorber itself. There is also an adjustable steering damper, also supplied by Öhlins. On the new RSV4, Aprilia introduces important changes in the Brembo braking system: the front relies on a *pair of new 5 mm thick steel discs with diameter increased to 330 mm*, gripped by the monobloc *M50 callipers* fitted with new superior friction coefficient brake pads.

Advanced APRC electronics package

*The Aprilia RSV4 RR and RF make perfect what was already top shelf* in the previous versions thanks to a significant improvement to its already exceptional dynamic controls package designed and patented by Aprilia.

*APRC* (*Aprilia Performance Ride Control*) is the well known dynamic control suite derived directly from the winning technology in world Superbike, the most complete and refined of those currently available on the market. This progress was possible mainly thanks to *the repositioning of the inertial platform *that governs the operation, improving accurate detection of the dynamic conditions of the bike, resulting in more efficient electronic control strategies.

The fourth evolution of Aprilia APRC fits in perfectly with the fine electronic management of the *new full Ride-by-Wire* *throttle that* has allowed all superfluous throttle body electronic management components to be eliminated,*thereby saving 590 grams.*
*APRC,* which comes as standard equipment on the Aprilia RSV4 RR and RF, includes:

– *New ATC: Aprilia Traction Control,* *adjustable on the fly*, (without having to release the throttle) to 8 settings thanks to a practical joystick, *now has even more fine tuned and higher performance operating logic*.

– *New AWC: Aprilia Wheelie Control,* adjustable to 3 levels, has new, much more precise operating strategies thanks to the repositioning of the inertial platform. *Wheelie control can now be adjusted on the fly *without closing the throttle, like the ATC, thanks to the new and more practical left side electric block*. *

– *New ALC: Aprilia Launch Control*, for use on the track only, with 3 settings, uses even more effective *new operating strategies*.

– *New AQS: Aprilia Quick Shift*, the electronic gearbox that allows shifting without closing the throttle and without using the clutch, now with the *downshift* function as well, to allow clutchless downshifting. Its open-throttle downshifting feature is exclusive.

– *New APL: Aprilia Pit Limiter, *the system that lets you select and limit the top speed allowed in pit lane at the track or simply to make it easier to comply with posted speed limits on the road.

– *New ACC: Aprilia Cruise Control. *The new electronic management has allows an advanced cruise control system to be introduced, very convenient on longer trips because it lets you maintain the set speed without touching the throttle.


In addition to the fourth generation APRC system, RSV4 RR and RF come from the factory standard with *advanced multimap Cornering ABS,* developed in collaboration with Bosch to guarantee not only extreme

safety on the road, but also the best possible performance at the circuit. The 9.1 MP system, with truly contained weight and dimensions, is able to optimize braking and the ABS intervention in corners, thanks to a specific algorithm that constantly monitors various parameters such as lateral acceleration, the pressure applied to the front brake lever, the lean, pitch and yaw angle, modulating the braking action in order to better guarantee the ratio between deceleration and stability. The new ABS system works in unison with the Aprilia RLM (Rear Liftup Mitigation) system that limits the lift of the rear wheel during more abrupt braking. Cornering ABS, fine tuned in accordance with Aprilia’s specific indications, is adjustable to 3 levels of sensibility and can be switched off. Each of the three Cornering ABS maps can be combined with any of the *three new engine maps* (Sport, Track, Race), allowing riders with different experience and skill levels to find the best possible combination for their style. The three maps are “full power” and differ in the way they unload the 201 HP of which the Aprilia V4 is capable onto the asphalt, in addition to the percentage of engine brake dedicated to them.


The total revamping of the RSV4’s electronics management is completed by the new *colour TFT instrumentation*, a true digital computer with exceptional display options. The two selectable screen pages (Road and Race, both with night and day backlighting) correspond to as many represented indexes. Standard equipment for the RSV4 RF (and optional for the RSV4 RR), there is a *new version of the V4-MP*, the Aprilia multimedia platform that lets you connect your smartphone to the vehicle via Bluetooth, introducing for the first time a true *corner by corner electronic settings calibration* system with data that can subsequently be downloaded to your laptop (or displayed directly on the smartphone) for analysis, just like they do at the races. The new V4-MP adds a new connection protocol that reduces smartphone battery consumption to a minimum, in addition to providing a larger range of circuits already mapped in which you can manage the electronic settings corner by corner, as well as user acquisition of a new circuit that is not in the list Aprilia has provided. V4-MP also includes the *infotainment system*, introduced by Aprilia for the first time on the new RSV4, to manage voice commands and incoming/outgoing telephone calls with your smartphone. These activities are also displayed and managed by the new colour digital instrumentation.

Design and colours

RSV4 RF is the exclusive version which come standard with lightweight forged aluminium wheel rims and more sophisticated Öhlins suspension and stand out with a new dedicated graphic which maintains the evocative name of the previous “Superpole” version, but which has different graphic designs.

Colours and price

Available for 2017 finished in “Superpole” and with an official retail of £20,002 on the road.
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